Welcome to Folsom Neurological Surgery!

At Folsom Neurological Surgery, we strive to provide comprehensive neurosurgical care to our patients. We specialize in spinal disorders, with a strong emphasis on the conservative management of back pain and surgical treatments.

Folsom Neurological Surgery Office

Folsom Neurological Surgery Office

Folsom Neurological Surgery is committed to providing exemplary neurological care in the greater Sacramento area, which includes treatments of most spinal and brain disorders.

We understand the individual intricacies of every patient and that every surgery is not appropriate for every situation. Therefore we tailor each treatment to each patients’ specific needs.

We are aware that some patients get misinformation about back pain and other spinal disorders. Which is why we incorporate current evidence-based medicine into the care that we provide as to ensure that our patients are properly educated on the facts about their situation.

Above all else, we are here to support you every step of the way so that you can go on to enjoy your life, pain free.